Sihy takes a new ERP system into use

Sihy takes a new ERP system into use

Sihy Ltd. has taken a new Enterprise Resource Planning system into use. The change aims to improve customer service, internal communications and efficiency, and corporate governance.

“Sihy is developing its business in all areas so that we can respond in the best possible way to the strong growth of the Turku shipyard”, says CEO Jarno Soinila. “We want Sihy to be not only the most efficient and highest quality producer of prefabricated pipes on the market, but to also have the best back-office systems too”.

We plan our investments in such a way that everything runs smoothly at every level avoiding the formation of bottlenecks”.

Over the past few years, Sihy has invested in both qualified personnel and high-performance machinery. Thanks to machinery procured from Halikko Steel, Sihy’s production capacity will increase almost three fold. In addition, the capacity of Sihy’s sister company, Sihy Installations, has also seen a manifold increase since Sihy acquired it from VH-Pipe.

“We have about 60 people working in our installation team”, says Soinila. “All these investments support one another perfectly. The company is developing at a fantastic rate”.

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