A new name, but the services remain the same: Sihy is now Ardor

A new name, but the services remain the same: Sihy is now Ardor

“Ardor conveys a sense of resolute determination” says CEO, Jarno Soinila.

NEWS RELEASE 15th September 2020 


Sihy has changed its name to Ardor. The new name will be taken into use starting from 15.9.2020. The company’s business activities and services remain the same. CEO, Jarno Soinila, says that the new name describes a particularly strong desire to do things well and to innovate:

“Ardor is an English-language word that combines the feeling of determination with zeal and even passion. We wanted a name that describes the kind of working atmosphere we have here, and also something that works with non-Finnish customers.”

Ardor’s predecessor, Sihy, was founded in 1988. The name was formed from the first two letters of the surnames of the company’s founders. Ardor produces prefabricated piping and sheet ducts for shipbuilding and process industries. Their services also include cutting services and demanding installation projects.

“Our competitiveness is founded on the most extensive prefabrication and digitalized production management”, Soinila says.

“We invest in software, machinery, and people. We want our work to be so good that our customers know us as the most efficient prefabricated piping and duct producer in the Baltic Sea area. Our goal is to provide our customers with a so-called unfair competitive advantage.”


Jarno Soinila, CEO

Ardor Ltd.

+358 40 517 9502