Deeper co-operation with Europlan: Sihy to deliver prefabricated piping to Finland and Germany

Deeper co-operation with Europlan: Sihy to deliver prefabricated piping to Finland and Germany

Sihy will deliver prefabricated piping for the cabin areas of ICON cruise ships under construction by Europlan Engineering. Some of the piping will be delivered to the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland, and some will be delivered to the Meyer Neptune shipyard in Rostock, Germany. Europlan is responsible for the crew and passenger cabin areas in the first ship of the ICON series, and they also have a contract for a second ship.

“We came at this project in a new way right from the start”, says Juho Huttunen (on the left of the photo), project manager at Europlan.

“We want to simplify the processes and improve production efficiency. We are intensifying our cooperation with Sihy because of their high level of skill and good attitude. Sihy wants to develop their operations according to our requirements, and they bring new ways of working to the field.”

Sihy’s and Europlan’s contract also includes digitalization of the supply chain; Europlan have taken the PipeCloud customer portal into use. PipeCloud is a Saas-based product management system developed by Sihy that offers piping producers all the benefits of mass production but for unique pieces as well as complete transparency on the production progress for the customer.

“The tool allows us to follow the production of the prefabricated piping in real time”, says Huttunen. “We are able to organize the logistics more efficiently than before because the designers as well as colleagues on the work site know where parts are and when they will arrive. In PipeCloud, the same information is available to everyone.”

Sihy and Europlan have collaborated since 2008. Sihy’s chairman of the board, Henri Hyvärinen, (on the right of the photo) appreciates their trust and comprehensive approach:

“We have a fantastic and challenging project ahead of us. There is a lot of work to do and deliveries have to arrive at Europlan’s areas exactly when they are needed. The agreed upon long-term operating model provides us with the perfect opportunity to succeed. We want to use the ICON project as proof that Sihy is Europe’s most efficient prefabricated piping producer.

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