New generation of PipeCloud launched at Sihy

New generation of PipeCloud launched at Sihy

Finnish company Sihy has started using next generation of PipeCloud as the first customer in the world. PipeCloud is a new manufacturing execution system which opens up the road to the digitalization of prefabricated metal products.

”We are importing the benefits of serial production to the manufacturing of unique pieces”, says Sihy’s CEO Jarno Soinila.

”The first version of PipeCloud has enhanced our productivity remarkably, and this evolution version is a one more big step ahead. The system can carry out more complex orders, and it enables very lean operations and just-in-time manufacturing. We can cut the lead time and offer faster times of delivery for the customers.”

PipeCloud generates automatically programs for CNC machines and work orders for welders. The management of factory will get full transparency to the events of production. The events can be instantly or later traced up to the level of individual weld, if necessary.

Sihy is the leading supplier of prefabricated pipes for Meyer Turku shipyard, Finland. The development of SaaS-based PipeCloud was launched at Sihy as the company wanted to respond to the challenge of competitors which operate in lower labor-cost countries. PipeCloud was spinoffed to the separate company last year, setting its sights to the global market.

”We have to invest in new smart systems to offer work opportunities and decent salaries for workers up here in the North”, says Soinila. ”We believe that PipeCloud will start revolution in the business of prefabricated pipes, possibly first in Finland, but soon the word will be spread to the future smart factories of the world.”

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