Tens of thousands of unique pieces, in the right size and at the right time.

A cruise ship is one example of Ardor’s projects – at the bigger end of the scale. One large ship needs up to 70 000 prefabricated piping elements, and they are all unique pieces. In order for the ship fitting to progress smoothly, the prefabricated elements have to arrive at the shipyard in the right sizes and at the right time.

Ardor has taken prefabrication efficiency to the next level thanks to digitalization. The PipeCloud production management system developed at the company supports the management of large orders, work planning, and programming production machinery.

Our fine-tuned operating models guarantee high quality, flexibility, and delivery reliability. Our efficient production provides our customers with cost savings and reduces the risk of errors in installation.

Our customers are shipyards, industrial companies and their networks of turnkey service providers throughout Finland and the rest of Europe.

Together we make sure that the pieces arrive and the work progresses as it should.


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