Kemppi and PipeCloud begin global software collaboration

Kemppi and PipeCloud begin global software collaboration

Finnish companies are digitalizing welding: production is becoming more efficient and traceability is improving.


Finnish companies are digitalizing welding: production is becoming more efficient and traceability is improving. Welding digitalization is accelerating as the ability of smart welding machines is combined with the data produced by the unique production control system developed in Finland. The collaboration of Kemppi and PipeCloud is creating significant benefits for both pipe welding companies and their customers. PipeCloud allows unique pipe welding joint data based on 3D design models to be transferred to Kemmpi’s WeldEye software, which in turn inputs the completed work back into PipeCloud.

“The integration into the PipeCloud system is yet another example of the ease with which WeldEye integrates into the company’s key systems. This makes the move to a paperless welding management environment possible and gives real-time visibility on the production and ERP and KPI systems”, says Mikko Väisänen (pictured on the left), Vice President, Sales Development at Kemppi Ltd.

“The factory management get visibility on what happens in the factory. This opens up new possibilities for improving production efficiency. The end user of the work, for example, an oil refinery, can trace the stages of the welding work down to an individual weld”, he continues.

WeldEye is the first welding management software to be developed. It speeds up the management of competences and welding instruction, and also gathers data on the traceability of welding work and performance, such as heat input. PipeCloud is a Manufacturing Execution System software developed for industrial requirements that combines the design data and material data, bundles the work, and also tailors the programmes for the machine tools and work orders for welders. Jarno Soinila, CEO of PipeCloud, estimates that the digitalization of the work could increase welding efficiency by 20 – 100 percent depending on the situation.

“The pipe prefabricator’s management can see in real time if the welding machines’ arc-on time is, for example, 20 percent of the working time. The management can then make corrections to the production controls and see the effects immediately. A measurable fact replaces vague estimates”, Soinila says.

“The traceability of welding work is an important factor especially in the oil and gas industry, as well as nuclear energy. We believe that the welding traceability requirement will soon be coming to other areas of construction too” he adds.

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Mikko Väisänen, Vice President, Sales Development, Kemppi Ltd
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