Atte Peltola joins Ardor’s management team as Chief Digital Officer

Atte Peltola joins Ardor’s management team as Chief Digital Officer

NEWS RELEASE 31.8.2021

Atte Peltola has been appointed to the management team at Ardor, where he will be responsible for leading digitalization, customer satisfaction, and marketing communications. Peltola will become the first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in Ardor’s history.

“Digitalization is one of Ardor’s most important assets, and the means by which we provide our customers with an unfair competitive advantage”, Peltola says.

“My job is to figure out how Ardor can improve the efficiency of its entire operations from production management to marketing. How can we progress with digitalization as far as possible and do things smarter and easier.”

Thanks to digitalization, we can achieve as much as a 30 – 40% increase in productivity in the production of prefabricated piping to the benefit of the customer. According to Atte Peltola, success in customer relationships requires flexible thinking and actions, as well as creative problem solving:

“How do we receive our customers, how do we deal with their issues, and how are claims handled? The first answer comes from Ardor’s values: we are fair, honest, and open with customers. We take responsibility for their issues and they are dealt with quickly. And when we do have so-called difficult cases, they are prioritized instead of being delayed.”

As an engineer, Atte Peltola’s career includes working for companies such as: Meyer Shipyards, Sandvik, and MacGregor. Peltola joins the management team at Ardor from its previous spin-off company, PipeCloud, where he is still responsible for its development and sales.

“The most inspiring thing about Ardor and PipeCloud is the owners’ strong desire to do things better every day”, Peltola says. “This desire to win also really pushes me forward. The team at Ardor has achieved a lot, but no-one here is just sitting back reminiscing about their glory days.”

PipeCloud is a SaaS-based production management system that has improved Ardor’s production efficiency by about 20%. PipeCloud bundles the unique piping orders that arrive at the Ardor workshop as efficiently as possible into complete work orders, and automatically produces programs for the CNC machines and work tickets for the welders.

“Atte Peltola’s task is to ensure that Ardor gets the most from PipeCloud and our other process-support systems”, says Ardor’s CEO, Henri Hyvärinen.

“The better Ardor succeeds in accelerating digitalization, the deeper and higher quality feedback we can give to the development of the PipeCloud system. Atte has particularly strong experience in developing shipbuilding systems, and as such excellent prerequisites for success in this important role. We are also investing in marketing under Atte’s leadership, to make sure that customers know how we can help them succeed better.”


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