Alfa Laval places a large order with Sihy

Alfa Laval places a large order with Sihy


Rauma-based Alfa Laval Aalborg is to order a significant shipment of Sihy’s prefabricated pipes for installation in Alfa Laval’s heat recovery systems. Alfa Laval Aalborg Ltd. is a global producer of exhaust-gas heat-recovery systems and boilers for ships, propulsion systems, and other sources of combustion-gas waste heat. Sihy will deliver the pipes to Alfa Laval by the beginning of July.

“We got a good impression about Sihy, and with this order we want to test their potential and the production performance of the company”, says Alfa Laval Aalborg’s strategic purchaser, Jarkko Lahdenperä.
“I know that if a Finnish company can deliver large orders for shipbuilding in their entirety, then they can also work efficiently on industrial projects. Sihy’s operations made an impression on us, and they obviously pay a great deal of attention to innovation. In the end it was an easy decision to begin collaboration with them.”

Alfa Laval Aalborg employs 90 professionals in Rauma. The company belongs to a corporation listed on the Swedish stock exchange and the Rauma-based operations have an annual turnover of 40 – 50 million. Sihy’s chairman of the board, Henri Hyvärinen, is grateful to the new customer for their trust:

“Alfa Laval is an extremely important reference for us. I believe we can offer Alfa Laval and many other industrial operators competitive advantages with our novel ways of working, one of which is digitalized prefabrication. At Sihy, we developed our own PipeCloud software, which allows us to compete with our competitors in countries with cheaper workforce costs. PipeCloud has exceeded our expectations.”

Additional information:

Strategic purchaser Jarkko Lahdenperä

Alfa Laval Aalborg Oy

+358 50 341 2123

Chairman of the board Henri Hyvärinen

Sihy Oy

+358 40 523 7576