About us

Start the most advanced version of prefabrication. You increase speed and precision, and you save on costs.

Prefabrication increases the speed of operations on the worksite and improves the quality of the finished product. Ardor produces prefabricated marine- and industrial piping . Our experienced professionals in our Raisio factory guarantee top quality.

Our competitiveness is founded on the most extensive prefabrication and digitalized production management. Our expertise covers piping systems and pressure equipment for shipbuilding, process industries, and petrochemical plants. Our own installation team ensures fast lead times from the workshop to the installation site.

Ardor began operations in 1988 under the name Konepaja Sipilä & Hyvärinen, which later became Sihy. Nowadays Ardor employ almost 100 people.

At Ardor we strive to do things better every day. We actively search for new innovative prefabrication solutions so that we can offer our customers cost savings, higher welding quality and faster lead times. We invest in planning, machinery, and people. The best results come from skilled and responsible professionals.

We digitalize prefabrication

In recent years Ardor has invested specifically in production digitalization. At our Raisio workshop, we developed the unique prefabrication production management system PipeCloud, which allows us to work more efficiently and with higher quality than our competitors who use traditional methods.

PipeCloud utilizes planning data, combines it with material data and bundles the work. PipeCloud also produces tailored programs for machine tools and job tickets at different stages of production. When the work is done, the results, geometry and material data are at the disposal of the orderer and the end customer.

PipeCloud increases work efficiency between 20% and 50% depending on the situation. Production can be managed in real time. Welding jobs can be monitored down to individual welds. Measurable facts replace guesswork.