Cutting service

From long to short. Delivery precisely how you want it.

A simple problem, at least in theory. A long steel blank has to be made shorter. The job becomes more difficult when the work has to be done precisely how you want it.

Ardor’s cutting service delivers ready sorted products as agreed to the right place and at precisely the right time. We cut, clean, paint, pack and deliver. We report on the progress of the work directly to your company’s systems.

We work with stainless and carbon steel round and angular blanks whose length can be as much as 12 meters. The diameter of the round blanks is typically 1 – 800 mm, sometimes more. Angular blanks can be as much as 400 x 600 mm. You can either procure the materials yourself or via us, at a competitive price, of course.


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Timo Yliaho
Timo Yliaho
Workflow planning, cutting service and prefabrication
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