Industrial projects

Biogas plant hygiene revision, Gasum Oy, Turku, BTA International GmBh

Hygiene revision of Gasum Oy Turku Biogas Plant. Contract included piping and equipment installations and insulations. Main contractor of the project were BTA International GmBh

Biogas plant, Gasum Turku, BTA international Gmbh

Gasum Oy Turku new biogas plant. Contract included Piping and equipment installations, pipe bridge, maintenance levels and stair towers.

Biogas plant expansion, Gasum Oy, Turku

We prepared a pipe bridge for the expansion of Gasum’s biogas plant to Topinoja in Turku in 2019. The length of the pipeline bridge is about 250 meters and it consists of 34 meter blocks. The blocks were equipped, Electrical resistance trace heated and pre-insulated for installation at the Ardor piping factory.

Biogas plant expansion, Gasum Oy, Riihimäki

Gasum Oy Riihimäki biogas plant sludge heat exchange capacity increase; Gasum Oy / Watrec Oy; Riihimäki

Biogasplant renewals, Gasum Oy

We renovated the biogas plants for Gasum Oy at Oulu, Kuopio, Honkajoki and Riihimäki. The renovations included piping and equipment installations.

Conveyor changes, Honkajoki Oy

We made the conveyor changes in the by-product department of HKScan Oy Rauma’s poultry plant in 2018.

Expansion of the Oulu biogas plant, Watrec Oy

We expanded Gasum’s Oulu biogas plant, where Watrec Oy acted as the main contractor. Our own delivery included piping, machinery, pipe bridge and maintenance levels.