Metal sheet products

Ardor Oy has sold the sheet metal business unit to Laser-Aitta Oy.

Ardor Oy (2175980-9) has sold its record business to Laser-Aitta Oy (3240454-4). The business acquisition will take effect on the first day of November 2021 (November 1, 2021). Laser-Aitta Oy’s operations will continue uninterrupted and its CEO will be Jani Tamminen. Products ordered by customers will be delivered as previously agreed.

We ask suppliers to transfer their invoicing related to the plate business to a new company (Laser-Aitta Oy (3240454-4). In future, inquiries about plate products should be addressed to Laser-Aitta Oy.

Read more about the business acquisition from our news page. However, more information on practical matters can already be inquired

Laser-Aitta Oy:


Jani Tamminen

030 627 2401


Ardor Oy:


Henri Hyvärinen

040 523 7576