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Pipe bridge, STEP Oy

Pipe Bridge

We delivered 10 km of chemical pipelines and 1,000,000 kg of steel structures to the Harjavalta Battery Materials Factory. The largest blocks of the pipeline bridge were 46 m long and weighed nearly 100,000 pounds. This is how we carried out the significant project.

Pipe bridge, Vaasa

Pipe bridge

We delivered a pipe bridge with a length of about 100 meters to the factory in Vaasa. The 12-meter-long blocks were equipped and pre-insulated at the Ardor pipe prefabrication factory. The name of the client of the project implemented in 2020 has not been published.

Biogas plant expansion, Gasum Oy, Turku

Pipe bridge

We prepared a pipe bridge for the expansion of Gasum’s biogas plant to Topinoja in Turku in 2019. The length of the pipeline bridge is about 250 meters and it consists of 34 meter blocks. The blocks were equipped, Electrical resistance trace heated and pre-insulated for installation at the Ardor piping factory.