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Heat recovery plant, Vatajakoskensähkö Oy

Heat recovery

We supplied more than 50,000 kg of 1400mm diameter stainless steel heat recovery ducts between the Kankaanpää Knauf plant and the new heat recovery plant. The Knauf plant produces drywalls, which generates warm water vapor. Vatajankoski recovers the heat and the recovered heat is fed to the district heating network’s flow water via heat pumps. …

Wastewater treatment plant, YIT Oy

Biogas plant

Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut HSY is building a new wastewater treatment plant in the Blominmäki bedrock in Espoo. The underground cavern will be used for sewage treatment tanks and most of the other premises of the treatment plant. A biogas plant and administrative buildings will be located above the ground. When completed in 2022, the treatment plant …

Biogas plant, Biotehdas Ltd, Oulu

We carried out all the piping and equipment installations: process equipment, piping, gas storeroom, slurry bags, piping bridges and service platform steel structures. We were also responsible for the production of the service platforms and piping. The prime contractor on the project was Watrec Ltd. and the end customer was Biotehdas Ltd. The installations were …

Biogas plant, Honkajoki

Piping and equipment installations at the Honkajoen biogas plant: process equipment installation and piping production and installation, production and installation of the steel structures for the piping bridges, and gas storage installation. The prime contractor for the project, which was completed in 2014, was Watrec Ltd. and the end customer was Biotehdas Ltd.