Metal sheet products

We believe in the power of fair play. When we invent a novel solution, we offer you the benefits.

An everyday example from the marine industry: the customer has machined various models of a large light fixture. However, producing the model seems difficult and expensive. How can the work be done sensibly?

Prefabrication of unique pieces demands smart design and creative problem solving skills. Often the ideas are small but crucial to the solution. Sometimes we find a solution that can save our customers a fortune. A job that threatened to rise to 100 000 euros costs the customer only 30 000.

The main product of Ardor’s sheet production are heavy ducts for air conditioning systems. Using our up-to-date machinery we typically cut 3- 5 mm steel sheets, but we are capable of cutting up to 16 mm thick sheets. Our bevelling, rounding and cutting technology is top of the range and is topped off by our recently acquired fiber laser cutting machine.

We are also up to the challenges of precision mechanics: we cut and bevel stainless spring steel down to a thickness of 0.3 mm. Professionals are well aware that stainless spring steel breaks easily during bending, but you can pull it almost forever.


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